Setup for offices

  Secure WiFi for Offices 

  1. Help to Set Up secure WIFI in Dubai Office – fast and stable- Block certain application  and app to avoid employees access whatsapp, instagram  , snapchat


                         Multiple Office connection and cloud backup 


Help to setup different Office Network via Internet via virtual private Network to share the folder , files and setup NAS and cloud Backup

Automated backup via Network and access cloud

Backup all PC automatically on NAS , fully automated and even sync with dropbox /Google Drive “Cloud backup in real time  to expand and easily share and access via different office


Remote access for collecting /accessing remote  Site data  

suitable for collecting attendance system /accessing camera at the site with even 3 G /4G connection


This solution will be usefull , for construction sites and remote area where fiber optic not available, or  no  IT technetium at site

Register  Domain  and integrate with Google apps

I can help to to register your domain /Migrate your hosting and domain – Create different Email based on your domain Show you to maintain your website easily



 Link Dynamic IP to DDNS —

Setup Dyndns – No-ip and update it in your Router to access anywhere

I can help  you to access your CCTV IP from Internet when you are outside office

I can make you central  access for your files and camera






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