Solutions For Home !

One Call – One visit all your Home internet and WIFE issue sorted at the same day – One WIFI name – One Password seamless move around your Home , More than 1000 Clients served ! – Since 2004 , Best and professional IT support for Home in Dubai!

cropped-cropped-tech-doctors.jpg Backup  Using Time Capsule  or NAS , Keep your data Safe 

I can Help you and show you easy way to back up your Mac Book pro Imac or windows PC with NAS – To free some space  and make your IMAC or Laptop run faster

Air play 

To mirror your music or video via Network , You need single Network and stable connectivity – I can help you to do it -Beside this you also able to use your network to send your music to airport express and sonos —



      Limit Internet access for Children at certain Time dddw

It is possible to let your children only access certain sites or at specific time

It allow them to spend time to study rather than browsing Facebook , YouTube,…..

this can be done for certain devices means parent access all the time to internet and children with certain device only access for few hours !!


Limit Download and upload for specific user /Guest 

I can help you to optimize bandwidth usage for your Home network , you can assign limited bandwidth  and time for each user and guest and get faster speed with higher priority if you run Home office


                 Central Single Printer  4 everyone 

Cost effective solution  which help you
to save your time for maintenance,
save on ink
All Device compatibility
Setup a Single Network printer allow you to print  from any device  Mac or windows , even I phone or IPAD , or even sending email to printer to print


Need to Setup Amazon Fire TV or amazon Fire stick and run youTube or Netflix in amazonDubai I can Help you to get best and UHD quality via your Network


I can help you to have single WIFI name with your Time capsule and airport express or extreme , Update the old firmware and fix the bugs on your Home Network —

I can show you three step Time machine backup on  you laptop


If you have an issue with adware /viruses  need advise to fix and make your browsing secure  i can help you with that /I also can show you all the steps and you will be abl

to fix it later by yourself                                     antivirus

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